fly tipping warning sign Fly tipping is both illegal and dangerous to wildlife, local people and it can contaminate the area.

Our Waste Carriers license with the Enviornment Agency enables us to dispose of your waste legally and responsibly without the risk of fines or court action.

Blog 01Mrs Verity Backwater called me this morning. She and her husband had been clearing his Mother’s flat, after she’d been moved into a care home, and they were taking just about everything to the tip in car. All very straightforward so far, but they’d been at it for nearly two days and made about a dozen trips to the local recycling centre.

Unfortuantely they hadn’t made any real impression on emptying the flat. It was becoming clear that this was going to take a lot longer than anticipated. Plus what about the larger things, like furniture, that wouldn’t fit into the car, and then the heavier items, like the washing machine, that neither of them could move?