I’d be very pleased to help but I do need a lot of information. The cost of carrying out the work depends on all sorts of factors such as distance, ease of access, the type and quantity of things to be removed and so on. I have occasionally given an estimate based on written details and photographs, but what I always recommend is that you allow me to visit the property and see for myself exactly what you’d like doing. That way, we get to know each other and I can give you an absolutely firm and guaranteed quotation and, if any items had any value, then we could agree an allowance based on that. There is no charge and certainly no obligation attached to asking me to visit!

No – there is very little market these days for anything but fairly outstanding items. I do make an allowance for the possible value of any furniture or other items I remove as part of a house clearance, but I cannot just buy furniture on its own.

It will certainly be better to sell it yourself (such as on eBay or on a postcard in a supermarket) to avoid the charges I have to make to cover my costs, but only if you have the time (and energy!) to do this – it’s a time-consuming business.

That is something I do frequently for letting agents. The property can also be cleaned if required, the cost depends on the condition in which it has been left and what standard of cleaning is required.

Yes, but if you could manage to get it in a car, perhaps with the help of a neighbour, and take it to your local Recycling Centre (address in Yellow Pages) it wouldn’t cost you anything at all.

This is frequently the case. It does mean cleaning is more difficult (we may have to take our generator and water supply) and therefore a bit more expensive, but it can still readily be done.

It would certainly help if you could do some of the groundwork, if cost is an important aspect. Bagging smaller items and clothes in black sacks helps, but it’s essential to keep like with like to help with recycling. Empty contents of bottles and jars, keep wood and metal items separate and dispose of unpleasant items and specialised chemicals at the local Recycling Centre. And, if you’d prefer to sweep the floors and generally tidy up afterwards yourself rather than leave it to us, that would help, too.

Make sure we note them when we walk round to give the quotation. In addition, you could make extra sure by putting stickers on those items.

Where furniture has no value and it’s just taken away as wood, it’s often carefully taken apart in situ and carried away as flat panels for recycling. In such cases there’s no problem in getting it downstairs. But if it has to remain whole then at least two men are needed and, if necessary, padding is used in case of accidental in contact. We’ve even temporary removed stair handrails in difficult cases.

Again, this is a frequent request and we use a Gas Safe Registered gas specialist to do the disconnection, ensure that there are no gas leaks and provide a Certificate of Gas Safety.

We’ll be happy to take furniture and other effect from one address to another (mainland UK only), but we DO NOT do whole house removals. We can also offer a packing service to get smaller items ready for safe transit if required, or we can supply you with crates, boxes and wrapping for you to do it yourself. And we will always do a removal as part of a clearance job, if some items need relocating rather than disposing of.

Many people are compulsive hoarders and we frequently see examples of this. They can’t throw anything away; they have subscriptions to magazines which are piled up, still in their postal wrappers. Many hoarders need help and we have experience in dealing with this, so ring us for a confidential chat to start with.

We can, but Asbestos can be expensive to dispose of professionally. If you’re able, you’d be better taking it to a local recycling centre, which is free. They’ll give you Visqueen sheeting to wrap it in using parcel tape and advise you on safe handling.

We’re good at this! If the van can’t be brought near to the Home, we just use trolleys and walk a bit further! Does us good; just takes that bit longer.

We’ve done this before so there’s every likelihood of it being OK. If I can come and have a look (no obligation!), I’ll give you advice and a firm price and then you can decide.