Our Journey

I started with a Volvo V70 Estate and trailer. Here, I’m helping Chorley Cricket Club with their 5th Nov ember bonfire in 2008.

Needing space for storage, I hired a garage off a neighbour for a while, but soon had to move to this storage unit in Preston.

That was fine for items that had to be looked after, but we needed somewhere to accumulate the waste, for sorting and recycling, so we rented a local yard.

By now, we were hiring a large Transit van several times a week, so it was time to acquire our own. This was our first: a 3 tonne Iveco Daily with a tail lift, later painted in our signature green colour and signwritten.

By now we badly needed proper business accommodation to satisfy all our needs: storage, office, kitchen, workshop and so on. We were well served by our first one, in Preston, at 1,400 sq ft but this one in Longridge, at 2,500 sq ft, has been our home since 2014.

After using a variety of vehicles in our small fleet, including several Transits and a big Ford box van, we now have just this one, an excellent Iveco Daily 3 tonne tail lift, fully fitted out internally.