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We want to make sure we are giving you exactly the right price for your requirements, and the best way for us to do that is to come to you, to see exactly what you want and discuss your needs.

I will call at the property and will prepare a full and guaranteed quotation of the cost of your clearance.

If you would like to be present to explain any special requirements, I will arrange to be there at a time to suit you. You will need to make sure that I understand if any items are to remain or if any fixtures are to be removed.

The price I give you is guaranteed to be a final price for the job and it’s my responsibility to get it right. I am sometimes asked if I’ll just buy furniture from a house, but I regret that this isn’t normally possible.

These days furniture doesn’t attract buyers very easily and when I’ve done this in the past I’ve often made quite a loss. But I do make an allowance for the value of any saleable items in a house clearance, and that can offset the cost to some degree.

Call us now to arrange your assessment on 01772 862 737 or 07980 866 158